DIY: Coasters

Here’s how to make your own ceramic coasters that I made for a promotional piece. Let’s GO!



• 4 ceramic tiles

• modge podge

• foam brushes

• images to place on the coasters

• water proof acrylic sealer

• ribbon

• tag



• Cover tile with a generous layer of modge podge. (You want to make sure the corners of your image stick.)

• Place image on the tile, smooth out from center outward to avoid bubbles. Let dry for 10 – 15 mins.

• Cover image with a layer of modge podge. Do straight brush strokes up and down. Let dry for 15 – 20 mins.

• Place another later (repeat same brush stokes), and then do as many layers as you’d like until you get the look you want. (I did two.) WARNING! brushstrokes will be visible when dried.

• After 20 minutes apply sealant. Allow to dry for however long is written on the directions of your specific sealant.

• Hole punch tag.

• Stack coasters and tie ribbon (make sure to slide on your tag) to make a cute little gift!





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