I decided to do some more research and learned more about Gordon Gahan. I’ve decided to add him to my list of “Heros” if you will. (Basically it’s people who I admire for one reason or another.) I have to say he probably had one of the coolest jobs ever!  He worked as a photographer for the National Geographic Society. He had the chance to travel to several places around the world, some of those places were France, Portugal, Guatemala, Columbia, Australia and tons more. He later co-founded Prism Photography Inc. in NYC. I was sad to learn that Mr. Gahan is no longer among us. He died in a helicopter crash while taking aerial photographs in the Virgin Islands. But in his memory and my new found inspiration here are some of his photographs.

I also discovered there this awesome site called National Geographic Back Issues. It lets you get previous issues that have been printed. And I think that I found the issue that the image “Young Lovers in Paris” was originally published in. Being like 99% positive I ordered the issue and can’t wait to have my own copy!

I also found out that he helped with the book “Voyages to Paradise: Exploring in the Wake of Captain Cook“. Perhaps that will be my next read, which really couldn’t have been found out at a better time, because I just started asking friends for some books they recommended.








You can buy prints of several of his images, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find one for “Young Lovers in Paris.”


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