So this is a little different from what I usually post about but I’m obsessed and I just had to. The more I think about it the less different it is really. I mean here’s something I’m truly inspired about and it makes me want to make a change.

There’s this show on HBO called “The Newsroom.” I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but with that, the script is great! The fast paced conversations, the issues we’re familiar with, and Jim Harper played by John Gallagher Jr. have me HOOKED. Only problem now is that I’ve seen the first episode and I don’t know how I’m going to watch the others. See I don’t have HBO, heck I don’t have a TV, does anyone know where I can watch full episodes?

Anyways, I vow to educate myself more about what is going on around me. My Mother worked for our Newspaper before I started College. There was a newspaper every morning on the table and the news was on the TV every evening. When I go home now, I get sucked right back into it and I miss that. (The newspaper has gotten ridiculously thinner over the years though, I know.) I really want to get another subscription to TIME Magazine, however my lease is almost up and I’m not sure where I’ll be moving so that’s sort of on hold.

But ultimately what all this comes down to is that I’m more inspired than I’ve been in awhile to help make a change. I want to help others and keep people informed more than anything. That’s why I want to be a Designer. What better way to communicate with people than through visuals. We might not all speak the same language, but we certainly all know what it looks like to grieve, to celebrate, etc. Images are in a sense the unspoken language we all understand globally. I’ve grown extremely fond of several non-profit organizations over the years as well as discovered topics I care a lot about. Everyone should find out what their passion is. I just hope that I can find a way to do more for a cause or issue that I care about. I’m ready for a new adventure.

Here is a clip from the opening scene of The Newsroom

And also a thank you to my Dad who sent me this video to begin with.

Oh before, I finish this off. I’m also really excited about this movie that’s coming out.

*image from


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