Anyone who know’s me knows I’m a huge fan of the follow three things: design, the coast, and Pinterest. Lately I’ve been looking to leave this wonderful town, San Luis Obispo, that has been my home for the past four years so that I can move on to bigger and more exciting things. The hardest part of it all? Leaving the coast. That ten minute drive to Avila, or thirteen minute drive to Shell, or fifteen minutes to Pismo. Or we can go the other direction and it’s fifteen minutes to Morro and twenty to Cayucos. Or if you choose to keep going there San Simeon and Cambria. There’s so many options and now while I have my eyes set out on the city, I’m really up for anything, and I realize that the coast could become once again a two and half hour drive away.

But, I’ve found some ways that I could either bring the beach to me or the mountains (cause I do love me some mountains as well). Here are some awesome little backyard space designs that I have come across on Pinterest to do one day, when I’m in my new place!


An outdoor shower is just kinda WAY cool. I remember going to this camp called Philmont, in New Mexico where we backpacked for two weeks. The showers were outside and you could see the sky it was kinda AMAZING and I’ll never forget it. This reminds me of that trip and I think I’d enjoy that a lot.


A hammock is a must. Whether its this chair kinda style, or the original where you lie down. We had a hammock in our backyard before we built our tree house. At the moment it was definitely the right thing to do… but now I’m ready for a hammock again.


I am really digging the woodsy and rustic look. I love the wooden patio and tree stump tables. And those chairs look like they’d actually be pretty dang comfy.


If I’m not going to be near the beach I want a pool. This is obviously totally unrealistic but I do like infinity pools. And well this picture was just sorta awesome and not realistic, but you get the idea.


Then there’s THIS which is my favorite by far! I can bring the beach to me! I want this most of all out of all the things. A fire pit and some sand I would have people over all the time. It be like a campfire / bonfire all night every night.

So there you have it. An outdoor shower, hammock, some rustic/woodsy patio furniture, a pool, and a little bit of the beach. Of course they’d all have to go together these images all have very different styles I know. But if I get it just right I will be one happy girl!

*all images from my pinterest board


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