I can not lie, this post was most definitely, 100% inspired by my FAT crush on Jef Holm.  I’m torn, I want him to win so badly cause he’s absolutely amazing and perfect for Emily, but then I kind of wish I could date him, ha. Anyways with that said, his organization is kind of…uhm…awesome!

People Water is this really great program with a mission that’s similar to TOMS in the sense of “one for one.” “For every bottle purchased people water will give an equal amount of clean water to a person in need.” I love this idea, it’s so much that I care about in one creation. Helping others, recycling, and promoting awareness. Their design work is pretty sweet as well!

I had fun with the inter-activeness of their website. I haven’t see one like that before and it was pretty cool to explore. Their packaging is pretty cool too. I’m a fan of the bottles you can see through. I do think they should start selling re-usable water bottles as an addition to their products though. Because while they are making an effort to recycle plastic only 30% of water bottles get recycled at all.

But with that said check out their organization, they have some pretty sweet stuff.

I think it is so cool when people do things that make a change. There’s so many great causes out there. I hope that I will get the chance to be the part of a team supporting a great cause one day soon!

*Image of Jef from here. All other images from People Water.


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