If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I can not have a full time job where I work from home. NO WAY. It’s so easy to be distracted, and easy to sleep in, and I don’t even have to change out of pajamas if I felt like it. My work world works best when it’s located else where. However, I realize the importance of being able to work from home. Freelance jobs need their time and place. They just need to not be in my bedroom. I have a desk and when I work at it I get sooooo much done. It’s just that when I blog I sit on my bed, and then I can’t sleep and then I realize I have no boundaries between me time and well… work.

I’ve found my solution though. I need a separate work space. It doesn’t need to be a gigantic study kind of room.  It just needs to be outside of my bedroom and designated for work and work alone. It is a MUST for my future living situation. Below are some of the things I feel necessary for my work space, one day. (James you should probably take some notes haha)

I love how white and crisp this space is. I must have white walls in my office. This is a color scheme I could be completely content with and that wooden desk is pretty neat too.

Now I realize this doesn’t look much like an office, but I’m digging that white table. The chairs are neat too, but I feel like I want something really comfortable. I feel like my butt would get sore real quick sitting in those. I like the plants, thats another must. It can be just one, but knowing that something is living and growing in my creative space is a neat idea to me.

Uhm these windows are wicked. I want some big ol’ windows in my space please. I want light to flood the space and something to look out into. I don’t want to stare at nothing but painted walls all day.

This one is just so funky and cool looking. I like the string where you can clip up inspiration. How awesome would it be to have inspiration hanging in the window? I’m liking this idea much better than putting up a giant ugly cork board to tack some inspiration up. Yea, no thanks, I’ll go with this idea instead.

This one is just so cool. I like those hanging lights and the lamps. The shelves are sweet too. I must have shelves or a book case of some sort to store my stuff. I enjoy organization and I find it essential that my space is organized before I start working. With nothing crowding my creative space, it’s like I can let my brain go crazy and take up all the space it wants to create great design.

So my at home office checklist:

Separate space

Big windows

Large desk

White color scheme

Comfy chair

A plant (or more)

Place to put up inspiration



Do you have an awesome at home office? What are your necessities?

*All images from my pinterest.


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