I need a new planner, that’s pretty much all there is to it. I use wunderlist for my iphone and mac book but I really like to write things down by hand. It’s just easier sometimes. I like lots of room by each day so that I can write down all the things I have to do. I’m a list kinda girl (I think most girls are), and as dumb as it may be I get great satisfaction out of crossing things off.

These are some pretty cool planners that I”ve come across so far.



So far this one (the one above) is my favorite. Shoot, this whole site was pretty cool.


And I won’t lie this one was pretty ugly but I do enjoy how big it is.

And that’s about all I could find that I thought were worth posting. My roommate has a really cute planner she found at Barnes & Noble so maybe I’ll take a look there later. Do you know of any really neat planners?


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