When this ad launched in 2007, it was one of the first advertisements I can remember tearing out and collaging my closet door walls with. (Along with images of fashion photo shoots from various magazines.) When I reached college I continued to tear out Marc Jacobs ads and plaster my closet doors in my dorm, then apartments, and I have since stopped tearing apart my magazines. Still, there are moments when I think about tearing them up and collaging my room all over again.

I think I can easily tell you that the Marc By Marc Jacobs advertisements are my all time favorite. The vast amounts of white space, Jurgen Teller‘s photography, and Sackers Gothic. Yes, that is the recipe for the perfect Marc Jacobs ad. It’s just my kind of style. I mean if you take a look at my home decor board on pinterest the images have a similar style as well. I like lot’s of white with just some accents of color. (I’m partial to mostly neutral colors though.)

Anyways I just stumbled across a Marc Jacobs ad when I was pinning and felt the need to share what I feel like is a great ad campaign. It’s definitely one of my greatest inspirations.

I also just found out about this incredible book. I want! Looks like I may have just started my Christmas list, cause this book my friends, is more than I have to just throw down at the moment.

Images from here, here, and here.


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