I know there’s been a lack of posts lately but I’m in the process of moving to Newport Beach. I’m taking a one day stop to hangout with the boyfriend in the Northern part of LA. But I decided to check out different forms of packing and searching how other people move. And as usual one thing led to another and eventually I landed on this little gem. This may be one of the handiest blogs I’ve come across in awhile.

The organizational tips are my favorite. But getting inspired, decluttering, and decorating I enjoy as well. But really, I recommend checking out this site.


Clothing Organization.


Kitchen Organization


Pretty Perfume Organization


This is probably one of the best articles. Decluttering and Organizing Do’s and Dont’s.

Hopefully you will get as much of a kick out of her site as I did. If anything you can pin an image now and check out her tips later!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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