This is HUGE and I absolutely had to share!

Krochet Kids intl. has been nominated as 1 out of 25 charities to be a part of Chase’s American Giving Awards! And with your help we can win $1 MILLION! But in order to this we need all the help we can get! Find out what we plan to do with that $1 million and how you can get involved here.

For those of you who don’t  know Krochet Kids intl. is an amazing organization that helps provide jobs to women in Uganda and Peru. It started with out with 3 guys who traveled to Uganda and asked the people how they could help; they told them they wanted jobs. So they taught them the one skill the knew, crochet. Now we have over 150 women working to make hats and other crochet items. The money from sales goes back to the women for wages, education, and mentorship programs.

One thing that makes this organization so cool is that when a lady is done making her product she signs her name on the tag. So when you buy the hat, scarf, or bow tie you can look for the signature on your item to see who made it. Then you can go to our website and look up her name and learn about her story and even thank her for making your product!

I may just be a Graphic Design Intern for this organization, but this is something that means a lot to me. I’ve been following this cause 3 years prior to my actual involvement that I do now. PLEASE support our cause!


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