sunday-supper-west-elm-dinner-partyTomorrow night I’m having 2 good friends over to my new apartment. They’re the first people to come over to my apartment for dinner and I’m so excited! Can’t wait!





I recently went through my food board on Pinterest and deleted several recipes. First off, let’s be real I probably wasn’t going to make most of them. Secondly, I really just decided I didn’t find the pictures beautiful. I want a board full of pretty pictures of food. This lead me to my new journey of trying to find new recipes.

I’m currently training for the Nike Women’s Full Marathon this October. I’ve realized that I need more energy for my longer runs. Being a¬†vegetarian¬†and an extremely picky eater it’s difficult for me to find things that I enjoy. However I have recently found a few food blogs that have what look like great vegetarian options and they have great photography! It’s a win win!


Quinoa Spring Sushi


Gluten free tomato-zucchini gratin

Do you have any food/blogs/recipe recommendations?

*Pictures from Adrienneats and My New Roots