Some illustrations I enjoyed by Ruefive. I can always use more experimentation with illustration and hand drawn type.



This week at work is all about gratitude so what better thing than to take a moment and say thanks to everyone at Krochet Kids intl. for giving me what has been one of the coolest opportunities I’ve had so far!

Also, check out our sweet choices campaign! I’ve been working on a bunch of quotes that are on instagram, facebook, and twitter for the campaign. You can check them out on pinterest too! Annnnnd you should check out this sweet posting where they are featured! There will be more to come in the next few weeks so stay tuned!


If there is anything that I could use some work on its hand done typography. While I do love me some helvetica, ostrich, brandon grotesque, etc. I find hand done typography totally rad too! I have a some friends who can do it really well and I’ve been jealous of them for dayssss. So my own personal goal is to maybe give it another try. Maybe I’ll get a small (like tiny) sketchbook and start doodling. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

In the mean time I’d love to get my hands on this book!



Any tips?