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mxde_2_640These guys stopped by the office Monday. They have some pretty amazing stuff. I hope to see them again! Check out their portfolio and their blog.







Everything is just so insane, amazing, and beautiful. What I would give to have that kind of skill. Check out more work here.



I’m sure most people have already seen this. And if not, I highly recommend it, as it is probably now my favorite film. It’s inspiring to say the least, and gives a sense of empowerment. I know this an older film but it is still great. And yet so many people belittle art and those who choose to study it in school. I feel like there’s a lot to learn from the history of artists. This film does a wonderful job portraying that.


Maggie Gyllenhaal plays my favorite character. (Not that I promote sleeping around with professors and married men.) But she stands up and lives the life she wants from the very beginning. She is a liberal in conservative school and she never conforms to their ideals. She remains true to who she is and what she believes in. She supports Katherine (Julia Roberts) her professor for trying to let the other women know that they can live up to be so much more.

This is an unusually long post and about a film (out of character for the blog). But I was inspired and I want other people to feel inspired as well. Below is one powerful scene from the film.  But I hope you’ll take the time to watch the whole thing.


I know I’ve talked about having people who inspire me like here and here. But a hero is a little bit different. When I’m inspired by someone its usually their work that will ultimately influence the way I do mine. A hero is someone of another level. 


   [heer-oh] noun, plural he·roes;

1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded  as a model or ideal.
My hero, besides my parents of course, are the people at Krochet Kids Intl. Yesterday was my first day working with them and I have never been so excited to work in my entire life! They’re just a group of people helping another group of people, and they are doing an amazing job. If you don’t know their story already you should certainly take the time to learn about it.  
However, this post is about one of the ladies that they help, Akech Santa. 


As a young girl, Akech Santa was told that women were only meant for motherhood or prostitution and was thus deprived of hope, opportunity and education. Today, Santa is proving the naysayers wrong by supporting herself through her work as a crocheter. She is also using the money to support her children and hopes to use the money she earns to educate them through university.

“My future dream is to see my children through all levels of school so that they might have bright, successful futures. I would also like to start my own textiles business so that I can continue to have reliable work after I leave the program.”

“Love comes from within. It cannot be forced and it certainly cannot be bought.”

“Thank you to KKU and its supporters for the work that they have done in my life. May God bless you abundantly.”



I find this woman to be extremely inspiring and empowering. She stood up for herself and proved people that they were wrong. She is now another hero, among many of the women that work for KKU. There are so many inspiring stories about those whose lives have been affected by this program, you should take the time to read at least a few. 


Who are your heroes? 


*All images from KKi. 


I decided to do some more research and learned more about Gordon Gahan. I’ve decided to add him to my list of “Heros” if you will. (Basically it’s people who I admire for one reason or another.) I have to say he probably had one of the coolest jobs ever!  He worked as a photographer for the National Geographic Society. He had the chance to travel to several places around the world, some of those places were France, Portugal, Guatemala, Columbia, Australia and tons more. He later co-founded Prism Photography Inc. in NYC. I was sad to learn that Mr. Gahan is no longer among us. He died in a helicopter crash while taking aerial photographs in the Virgin Islands. But in his memory and my new found inspiration here are some of his photographs.

I also discovered there this awesome site called National Geographic Back Issues. It lets you get previous issues that have been printed. And I think that I found the issue that the image “Young Lovers in Paris” was originally published in. Being like 99% positive I ordered the issue and can’t wait to have my own copy!

I also found out that he helped with the book “Voyages to Paradise: Exploring in the Wake of Captain Cook“. Perhaps that will be my next read, which really couldn’t have been found out at a better time, because I just started asking friends for some books they recommended.








You can buy prints of several of his images, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find one for “Young Lovers in Paris.”