Finally the weekend. I wish I had this turn table for listening to music. Till then I’ll just keep listening to of Monsters and Men on good ol’ spotify.



I can not lie, this post was most definitely, 100% inspired by my FAT crush on Jef Holm.  I’m torn, I want him to win so badly cause he’s absolutely amazing and perfect for Emily, but then I kind of wish I could date him, ha. Anyways with that said, his organization is kind of…uhm…awesome!

People Water is this really great program with a mission that’s similar to TOMS in the sense of “one for one.” “For every bottle purchased people water will give an equal amount of clean water to a person in need.” I love this idea, it’s so much that I care about in one creation. Helping others, recycling, and promoting awareness. Their design work is pretty sweet as well!

I had fun with the inter-activeness of their website. I haven’t see one like that before and it was pretty cool to explore. Their packaging is pretty cool too. I’m a fan of the bottles you can see through. I do think they should start selling re-usable water bottles as an addition to their products though. Because while they are making an effort to recycle plastic only 30% of water bottles get recycled at all.

But with that said check out their organization, they have some pretty sweet stuff.

I think it is so cool when people do things that make a change. There’s so many great causes out there. I hope that I will get the chance to be the part of a team supporting a great cause one day soon!

*Image of Jef from here. All other images from People Water.


I vote the environment is a new campaign put on by Patagonia and Wilco.

One Planet, One Vote

“The environment is where we live, where we work, and where we play,” said Dana Alston, a pioneer in the environmental movement. It is also, we think, the place you love.

Your special place might be Yosemite Valley. Or it might be the smallest pocket park in your neighborhood. The place you work may need more light and air; the place you live may need better transportation.

We need leaders committed to the places we live, work, and play – and the places we love. Patagonia will take these values into the voting booth in November.

Vote for the world you want to live in. This November, vote the environment first.

This is both awesome and easy! Finish the sentence

I vote the environment #becauseilove…

I did it and you should too!