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suena-brillanteI’m currently on the search for some wall art to put in my living room. Not sure exactly what I want yet. Does anyone know of any good places to look (if Etsy, please name some specific artists). I’ve been looking for days and I just haven’t found what I want yet. I kinda like the above though.





Beautiful simple invitations



invitationsMy birthday is coming up and I want to make invitations. However in this new age of “Pinterest” invitations only exist for weddings once above the age of say 10. And after hours…who am I kidding…days…of searching for some inspiration I don’t have a whole lot to show. I do have a gnarly headache from some of the tackiest design I’ve ever seen.


I’ve noticed that gold has been showing up a lot lately on my boards on Pinterest. I’m actually surprised…and pleasantly so. It reminds me of the song “Golden” by Switchfoot. “…You are golden, You are golden child…”







After having a conversation with a friend about different social media platforms and its redundancy I’m going to share with you my tumblr. It’s where I go to find inspirational images that pinterest just doesn’t have to offer. I usually don’t pin the images either because well…it’s redundant. But if you’re interested take a look here.



I recently went through my food board on Pinterest and deleted several recipes. First off, let’s be real I probably wasn’t going to make most of them. Secondly, I really just decided I didn’t find the pictures beautiful. I want a board full of pretty pictures of food. This lead me to my new journey of trying to find new recipes.

I’m currently training for the Nike Women’s Full Marathon this October. I’ve realized that I need more energy for my longer runs. Being a vegetarian and an extremely picky eater it’s difficult for me to find things that I enjoy. However I have recently found a few food blogs that have what look like great vegetarian options and they have great photography! It’s a win win!


Quinoa Spring Sushi


Gluten free tomato-zucchini gratin

Do you have any food/blogs/recipe recommendations?

*Pictures from Adrienneats and My New Roots


If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I can not have a full time job where I work from home. NO WAY. It’s so easy to be distracted, and easy to sleep in, and I don’t even have to change out of pajamas if I felt like it. My work world works best when it’s located else where. However, I realize the importance of being able to work from home. Freelance jobs need their time and place. They just need to not be in my bedroom. I have a desk and when I work at it I get sooooo much done. It’s just that when I blog I sit on my bed, and then I can’t sleep and then I realize I have no boundaries between me time and well… work.

I’ve found my solution though. I need a separate work space. It doesn’t need to be a gigantic study kind of room.  It just needs to be outside of my bedroom and designated for work and work alone. It is a MUST for my future living situation. Below are some of the things I feel necessary for my work space, one day. (James you should probably take some notes haha)

I love how white and crisp this space is. I must have white walls in my office. This is a color scheme I could be completely content with and that wooden desk is pretty neat too.

Now I realize this doesn’t look much like an office, but I’m digging that white table. The chairs are neat too, but I feel like I want something really comfortable. I feel like my butt would get sore real quick sitting in those. I like the plants, thats another must. It can be just one, but knowing that something is living and growing in my creative space is a neat idea to me.

Uhm these windows are wicked. I want some big ol’ windows in my space please. I want light to flood the space and something to look out into. I don’t want to stare at nothing but painted walls all day.

This one is just so funky and cool looking. I like the string where you can clip up inspiration. How awesome would it be to have inspiration hanging in the window? I’m liking this idea much better than putting up a giant ugly cork board to tack some inspiration up. Yea, no thanks, I’ll go with this idea instead.

This one is just so cool. I like those hanging lights and the lamps. The shelves are sweet too. I must have shelves or a book case of some sort to store my stuff. I enjoy organization and I find it essential that my space is organized before I start working. With nothing crowding my creative space, it’s like I can let my brain go crazy and take up all the space it wants to create great design.

So my at home office checklist:

Separate space

Big windows

Large desk

White color scheme

Comfy chair

A plant (or more)

Place to put up inspiration



Do you have an awesome at home office? What are your necessities?

*All images from my pinterest.


Anyone who know’s me knows I’m a huge fan of the follow three things: design, the coast, and Pinterest. Lately I’ve been looking to leave this wonderful town, San Luis Obispo, that has been my home for the past four years so that I can move on to bigger and more exciting things. The hardest part of it all? Leaving the coast. That ten minute drive to Avila, or thirteen minute drive to Shell, or fifteen minutes to Pismo. Or we can go the other direction and it’s fifteen minutes to Morro and twenty to Cayucos. Or if you choose to keep going there San Simeon and Cambria. There’s so many options and now while I have my eyes set out on the city, I’m really up for anything, and I realize that the coast could become once again a two and half hour drive away.

But, I’ve found some ways that I could either bring the beach to me or the mountains (cause I do love me some mountains as well). Here are some awesome little backyard space designs that I have come across on Pinterest to do one day, when I’m in my new place!


An outdoor shower is just kinda WAY cool. I remember going to this camp called Philmont, in New Mexico where we backpacked for two weeks. The showers were outside and you could see the sky it was kinda AMAZING and I’ll never forget it. This reminds me of that trip and I think I’d enjoy that a lot.


A hammock is a must. Whether its this chair kinda style, or the original where you lie down. We had a hammock in our backyard before we built our tree house. At the moment it was definitely the right thing to do… but now I’m ready for a hammock again.


I am really digging the woodsy and rustic look. I love the wooden patio and tree stump tables. And those chairs look like they’d actually be pretty dang comfy.


If I’m not going to be near the beach I want a pool. This is obviously totally unrealistic but I do like infinity pools. And well this picture was just sorta awesome and not realistic, but you get the idea.


Then there’s THIS which is my favorite by far! I can bring the beach to me! I want this most of all out of all the things. A fire pit and some sand I would have people over all the time. It be like a campfire / bonfire all night every night.

So there you have it. An outdoor shower, hammock, some rustic/woodsy patio furniture, a pool, and a little bit of the beach. Of course they’d all have to go together these images all have very different styles I know. But if I get it just right I will be one happy girl!

*all images from my pinterest board


Being a recent college graduate, from the wonderful California Polytechnic State University, I realize my life is just beginning. There is so much this world has to offer and I feel that I’d be a fool not to seize every opportunity I can. So with this is mind I’ve decided to break out my bucket list that I started last winter break to see what is on it and what I’d like to add. So far I’m on my way to completing one of my tasks and I’m extremely excited about it! (That would be running my first full marathon.) But I thought I’d share my bucket list with you. Do you have a bucket list? What’s on your list?

My Bucket List

  • Surf in Indonesia
  • Run a FULL marathon
  • Go on a road trip with friends
  • Meet my other half
  • Live in SF & LA
  • Throw a dart on a map and travel to wherever it lands
  • Go camping with friends (I used to do this all the time, I want to do it more)
  • Hike in Patagonia
  • Attend the Holi Festival in India
  • See the Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand
  • Add a lock to a Lover’s Bridge
  • Watch soccer in Madrid
  • Ride on the back of a motorcycle
  • Go zip lining in Jamaica
  • Go bungee jumping in New Zealand
  • Step foot on all 7 continents
  • Work for a surf company
  • Become a Creative Director
  • See the pyramids in Egypt
  • See the Eiffel Tower
  •  Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Get a dog
  • Throw a rooftop party
  • Travel to South Africa
  • Help somebody in need
  • Make a change

I know there’s a million things I’ll probably add, but for now this is a pretty good start.

*image from pinterest.